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"Tentative Registration" means you are thinking about the class and you want me to check back with you as the class time gets closer. In other words "Tentative Registration" means I want to attend, but I am not sure. I want you to keep me on the radar and remind me when the time gets closer. Please send me any free material ( video links or white papers ) that may help me decide if this class is right for me.

"Firm Registration" means you know you want to attend, but you need to go through the approval process to get the money or time authorized. "Firm Registration" must be followed up with a purchase order, check, or credit card some time prior to class to complete the process. With Firm Registration your registration acknowledgement will include a link to the first 11 Jump Start 5 videos which are the required pre-class homework for Pro Tune Up 5.

SI/EMC Pro Tune Up 5 2014 Pro Tune Up 5 is a Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compliance "how to do it right the first time" single day class that gives students a well rounded explanation of proper high speed systems design. There are no prerequisites other than watching the Jump Start 5 videos. This takes about 4 hours. It provides the SI basics necessary to be up to speed for the face to face class. A link for these videos will be included in the acknowledgment of your firm registration. Please allocate adequate time to get through the pre-class training material prior to the actual class. As long as you have a sincere desire to become proficient at building high speed digital and mixed analog-digital systems that work right the first time this class can take you from apprentice to journeyman in a very short time.. ...more info... Tuition is $695 for those who register ten days in advance of the class and either pay or make firm payment arrangements seven days in advance of the class. Late registration or late payment is $795.

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  ( PO to be made out to Terry Fox & Associates, 1420 Gilman Blvd NW, Suite 2-2128, Issaquah, WA 98027 ... email copy to ) Send me the link to the JumpStart 5 videos so I can begin the pre-class homework immediately.

  I know I will not get the link to the pre class videos, but send me the white paper that summarizes the material in Pro Tune Up 5.




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