Pro Tune Up 5 Class Description

A single day of high intensity training including hands on SI PI simulation labs. PTU5 requires 2 hours of mandatory pre-class video homework plus 4 hours of optional post class labs.
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OnLine Tutorials

The first 4 videos, Signal Integrity Analysis...the business case for doing it through Topology and Termination ... Introduction are mandatory pre-class homework for Pro Tune Up 5. The rest of the videos would be very helpful, but are not mandatory pre-class homework.

PTU4 Lab 8 8 Layer Close Planes

This is a post class lab and requires a password to view. The password was provided in the "Driving Instructions"
This lab was recorder using HyperLync 8.x. The lab works fine on HL 9.01 but the current display and the EMI display have not been implemented in 9.01.
According to my sources at Mentor the current display and EMI display will be worked back into the product at some time in the future.
Apparently the 9.x simulator is lightening fast, which is neat, but there is still work to be done on some of the nice, but lesser used features.

DDR3 1066 2 SDRAM Embedded Example

Closing the Timing Loop

Right the First Time Design Practices

Board Stackup

Noise Budget

Timing Budget


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