Pro Tune Up 5 Class Description

Pro Tune Up 5 is a one day Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Electromagnetic Interference Control class that gives the student a well rounded explanation of proper high speed system design which will result in "right the first time" designs.

The class is broken into three sections. The first is 2+ hours of mandatory pre-class home work videos. The second is 7+ hours of in class face to face training. The third is 4 to 20 hours of post class hands on Signal Integrity and Power Integrity simulation labs. The post class labs are supported with videos of the instructor actually doing the lab, but the purpose is not to have the student mimic the instructor key stroke by key stroke. The purpose is to put the student into a known environment and then encourage them to explore the design space. The student needs to "twist the knobs" and get answers to questions specific to their own particular interests. Any student who would like to get their simulation license early in order to follow along with the demonstrations in class is welcome to do so. To get the license, we need your contact information and the NIC address of your computer at least one week in advance of the class.

PTU4 Lab 8 8 Layer Close Planes

This is a post class lab and requires a password to view. The password was provided in the "Driving Instructions"
This lab was recorder using HyperLync 8.x. The lab works fine on HL 9.01 but the current display and the EMI display have not been implemented in 9.01.
According to my sources at Mentor the current display and EMI display will be worked back into the product at some time in the future.
Apparently the 9.x simulator is lightening fast, which is neat, but there is still work to be done on some of the nice, but lesser used features.


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