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Training, Consulting, and Tutorials for those who need to learn how to build modern high speed digital and mixed digital, analog, and RF systems that work correctly and pass regulatory tests on the first try. These courses and tutorials cover Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, DDR3, DDR4, PCI Express, Grounding, Packaging, Shielding, Quieting Noise Switchers, etc.


SIEMC Pro Tune Up Training. This is a 1 day face to face class. It is a little like drinking out of a fire hose because we cover a lot of material quickly. Students must watch about 2 hours of videos prior to the actual class date. All simulation labs are after class homework. For more information click here --> Pro Tune Up Class Information At this time I only schedule these classes upon invitation. If you can find 10 students who want to listen to me and provide a training location, I will put on the class.


Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, & EMI Project Consulting / Coaching..

I offer multiple levels of project consulting ranging from answering simple questions about a specific technology implementation to complete project support from concept to certification through to production.

Disaster Recovery

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