Class Description

Pro Tune Up 5 is a one day Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Electromagnetic Interference Control class that gives the student a well rounded explanation of proper high speed system design.

The purpose of the class is to teach the design methods and validation strategies necessary to assure first time success when implementing modern systems that would typically include, DDR3 / 4, SERDES, LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 1,2,3, Analog / Digital, Switching Power Supplies, etc.

Pro Tune Up 5 is based on a design methodology developed by a major telecommunications company which has been documented over multiple years and thousands of designs to produce “right the first time” results 99% of the time. “Right the first time” means the systems work correctly at full speed, they are reliable, they have clearly defined manufacturing margins, and they are quiet enough to pass FCC & CISPR radiated emissions tests on the first try!
Target Audience: Electrical Engineers, FPGA Designers, EMC Certification Engineers and CAD Layout Designers responsible for implementing high speed digital and mixed analog digital systems.

Class Registration

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Tuition is $695 for early registration and early payment.
Tuition is $745 for early registration and payment prior to class
Tuition is $795 for late registration and / or late payment.

PTU4 Lab 8 8 Layer Close Planes

This is a post class lab and requires a password to view. The password was provided in the "Driving Instructions"
This lab was recorder using HyperLync 8.x. The lab works fine on HL 9.01 but the current display and the EMI display have not been implemented in 9.01.
According to my sources at Mentor the current display and EMI display will be worked back into the product at some time in the future.
Apparently the 9.x simulator is lightening fast, which is neat, but there is still work to be done on some of the nice, but lesser used features.


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